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Nunavik Kite-ski Championship.

The Recreation Department of the Kativik Regional Government would like to invite any and all Kite-ski riders the chance to attend the Nunavik Kite-ski Championship.

KRG has been promoting the sport by hiring a regional coordinator, selecting five communities to receive support and training, and would like to finish the season with the Kiteski Championship. During this event, it will be a chance to give experienced riders the chance to show off their skills, participate in Kiteski related workshops, and meet other riders from both Nunavik and Nunavut.

The event dates are April 17-23 (includes travel dates!

For any questions you may have or if you would like to enter the competition please contact Lucas Brown at:
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

or call Ben Whidden (Recreation Advisor for the KRG Recreation Dept)
819-964-2961 (ext: 2307)

Those who would like to enter will be responsible for their own flights and accommodations and are encouraged to fundraise in their community!

Furthermore it would be great if each of the local recreation coordinators could promote this in their community by going on Fm or posting it on Facebook.

****IMPORTANT****We will be announcing the host community of the event mid March!

Kuujjuaq 2010 Championship race results

race-picintro.jpgApril 6 2010, This  weekend ended the third edition of the Arctic Wind Riders' Championship. 10 riders from 5 communities; Resolute, Pond Inlet, Pangnirtung Kangirsuk and Kuujjuaq entered the tournament. Wheather was warm and we experienced rain and few very calm days. Participants faced difficult conditions with deep wet snow and light wind. Skilled riders managed to find their way through and some of last years beginners emerged this year as winner.

Overall results
Daniel Inuarak from Pond Inlet is first on the overall results, followed by Etua Nassak a 5 year old Paraski veteran from Kangirsuk, and third, Tommy Segualuk from Kuujjuaq. 


Kuujjuaq, Initiation Camp

Finding the right spot on Stewart Lake

As we landed in Kuujjuaq, we could see Stewart Lake - the location that would become our snowpark for this Easter weekend's activities. To help us transport the equipment, the community of Kuujjuaq kindly provided us with … a bright orange truck, a skidoo and a kamutik, bearing the community flag! Joby, an active member of the community, and his family, helped us move 600 pounds of equipment from the airport to the lake in search of the perfect spot to set up our base camp tent. Within two hours of arriving, Minnie Hanahatak, our Paraski instructor from Kangirsuk who came to be an instructor for this initiation camp, was already teaching our helpers the basics of Paraski sail handling. more pictures...


Nunavik Paraski Championship

Kuujjuaq March 29 - April 5th 2010

Local Paraski Clubs from Nunavik and Nunavut communities are invited to participate to the race and workshops
Age 14+ Max four participant by Club
Race Program:
Tuesday to Sunday; 10-12AM 1h30-3h PM
Triangle race
Long distance race
Speed runs
Jump Demonstrations


2010 Nunavik Arctic Wind Riders Championship. 
Here is a little video that Nico and I did about the championship held in Kuujjuaq.  The not so great weather did not stop the participants to have fun and raise the challenge.
See the video