Whale Cove Club News

Whale Cove, a great Snowpark and Paraski Club!

Snpwpark_article_h380.jpgThere is a great SnowPark in Whale Cove and its just getting better.
I had a great week in Whale Cove and a great leadership and skill-training workshop experience. Wayne Putulik has shown great leadership taking responsibility for the club operations.


Up-coming Activity

Instructor / Leadership Training Camp

March 28 to April 8.   The Arctic Wind Riders Team will host an Instructor / Leadership Training Camp in Whale Cove. This one week program will involve the daily participation of those who wish to become instructors in the community. This hands-on program will also benefit the whole community where initiation clinics and special activities will be organized on a daily basis. The camp will end with a 2-day field trip by Paraski. If you which to participate to this event please contact Guy Laflamme at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or (514) 233 6093

Wayne finishes third during Toonik Tyme race

April 24, 2009  Wayne Putulik finishes third during during Toonik Tyme race 

Wayne Putullik  from Whale Cove shared third place with Minnie Annahatak (Kangirsuk) and Eepa Qappiq (Pangnirtung) during AWR Championship held in Iqaluit. 

Cape Dorset Instructor in Whale Cove

March 27 to April 3, Eze Saggiaq form Cape Dorset is the selected trainee to accompanied program director; Guy Laflamme,  and; Dominik Paulin instructor/cameraman. We had an incredible week in the small community of Whale Cove.  The proper wind and accommodating temperature lead to daily great attendance on the ice on the bay at the community door steep.