Pangnirtung Club News

Image_41.pngGetting airborne on Pang’s frozen fjord.

Just received these pictures from Alex Kilabuk taken few weeks ago in Pangnirtung by his uncle; Photographer David Kilabuk.   Nice jumps Alex, look like it was a great windy day.
Alex « here are some of the pictures of me riding.... these pictures were taken about 1-2 weeks ago when we had wind for about 1 week straight. We have not had any wind for 1 week now, but planning on going as soon as we get wind. there are about 10 people or more that could ride in this town now and there is always more people willing to learn. »

PB050175thum.jpgAs part of a Sogo Active challenge initiated by a local Hip hop dancer Trevor Kooneeliusee. The event named; "Shoes Off/Dance Off " on Nov 5th, ended up being more that what they expected. As much as 100 people (60 elementary and  40 secondary students) gathered  at the gym on a Friday night.


Pangnirtung Initiation Camp

Initiation & Instructor training Camp.Part 1
Dynamic students, some members of the Arctic Winter Game’s Nunavut Team, as well as some adults, gave it a try in one of the rare windy day of the week. Minnie Annahatak from Kangirsuk was the support Instructor for this first camp in the community.

Initiation & Instructor training Camp (Part2).

For a second week, I went back to Pangnirtung to pursue the Instructor's training. Again the wind was shy to show up except in few occasions of which we really tried to take advantage of. Having trained for the past two weeks by them selves some riders where really getting good at it and will become good contenders for the race planed in the coming week in Kangirsuk. Set in a unique environment with high mountains surrounding the town, I took advantage of the sunny calm days to initiate the Paraski instructors to alpine skiing. Using my flags to make improvised slalom courses, we rapidly turned one of the nearby hill into what looked like a very busy ski center. As you can see in the picture, the level of skiing rapidly evolved from beginners first turns to carving with aggressive racing style. Truly the local youth demonstrated great athletic skills and talent.  

Pangnirtung Instructors in Pond Inlet

March 14, 2009 Alex Kilabuk and Eepa Qappik from Pangnirtung are here to participate to this first initiation camp of the season. After presenting some video at the school, more than 50 youth signed on to participate to the initiation camp (more )