Resolute Bay , Nunavut


Resolute is not the end of the world, but you can see it from there.

Resolute Bay is the second most northern community in Canada (Grise Fjord being the furthest North). It is located on the South coast of Cornwallis Island, in the Queen Elizabeth Islands. In spring, the temperature gets milder, making it perfect for paraskiing. It’s the ideal location if you want to reach the magnetic North Pole.




Resolute Bay About

Population: 230

The second northernmost civilian community in Canada, Resolute Bay is located on the south coast of Cornwallis Island. The Inuktitut name for Resolute Bay is Quaasuittuq, “the place with no dawn”.

Resolute’s history has the most European influence of all the Nunavut communities. The site was a critical junction along the Northwest Passage, the famed route to Asia sought by European explorers in the 18th and 19th centuries. The community is named after the HMS Resolute, a British ship that was sent in search of the lost Franklin expedition.

Resolute Bay is the major stopover for expeditions to the North Pole and to Quttinirpaaq (Ellesmere Island) National Park. The newly developed Tupirvik Territorial Park campground, in Resolute Bay, offers facilities for adventure travellers as well. While in the community, watch for whales in the bay, or hike along an old seabed to discover fossils dating back 400 million years.

The community is also home to a weather station, as well as the Polar Continental Shelf Project research camp.