Snow Park & Club

Gateway to the Canadian Arctic

Located at the end of Frobisher Bay, Nunavut’s capital snow park begins with a protected cove easily accessible from the breakwater. Just ask the cab for the “Grind & Brew” and you will be there in less than a minute. It’s a great place to start your ride with friendly staff and great coffee. 

The spot often receives 20-40 km/h wind that gust up to 60km/h. Some good winds also come from the South before a storm. Once you get out of the protected cove, heading Southwest, you will start to feel the freedom and a true sense of grandeur of the territory. Imagine the pleasure of flying over this smooth white carpet with only the sound of the wind going through your helmet.  It’s a perfect introduction to the northern territory; white, wide, windy and wild. 



Arctic Wind Riders' Club
The Iqaluit Paraski Club is managed by the City of Iqaluit Recreation Services.

Instructor: Caleb Little Instructor/ AWR Iqaluit Team

About Iqaluit

Capital of Nunavut. Hub of Arctic Transportation.

Meaning: Places of many fish

Population: 6,200

Iqaluit Drum DancerThe capital of Nunavut is located on Frobisher Bay on Baffin Island. A legacy of the fact that the community was originally a military airbase built during WWII is that the Iqaluit International Airport is the nexus of a thriving air passenger and cargo industry. Since being named the capital, infrastructure has grown at an amazing rate.Iqaluit offers all of the modern conveniences you could need, from fine dining to shopping, as well as cultural experiences and outdoor adventures. The best place to start off is the Unikkaarvik Regional Visitor’s Centre, which will acquaint you with all the attractions Iqaluit has to offer.