News : Igloolik Initiation Camp 2010

A great experience in Igloolik with very enthusiasts students and teachers. Quite an organization Maren, the local recreation coordinator, has put up on the bay. All the gears were available right on the ice behind the giant skating area.

Congratulation to all participants.

On days when there was no wind, the students got their first trial into downhill skiing watch the video

Igloolik's Snowpark

Igloolik is a small hamlet on a tiny island sitting just off the eastern coast of the Melville Peninsula and West of Baffin Island in Nunavut. Its vast, flat landscape contrasts with the fjords and mountains of Baffin Island and is rich in wildlife and culture. It is so flat in fact, it is said that you can see a dog running away for days!

Flat also means there are no obstacles for the wind, no matter its direction. The bay oriented to the South gives just a little protection against northern winds. On its West side, the bay gets wider and a soft slope toward the airport makes it look like a modest-size bowl. It’s a great place to go carving, and pick up some great speed. 

The horseshoe shape of the island makes it a great place to paraski.  You can easily get out of the bay and go East toward the other end of the island where hunters build igloos and fish. Going southwest, with good ice & wind conditions, you can paraski to the nearest village (Hall Beach) within a day.

Acrtic Wind Riders Club 

P1010223.jpgFrom January to the end of May, residents and visitors can take lessons or rent paraski equipment through the Club. 


For visitors:  Initiation course by reservation only.


Equipment Rental: kites, harness, skis, boots and helmets 


Contact:  Recreation Services This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it