Kangirsuk 2008 Arctic Wind Riders Championship

Overall Results 05-05-2008It’ on a beautiful windy day that the 2008 Arctic Wind Riders Championship ended yesterday. Sandy Haukai, Ahoya Nassaq and Jamie Eetook all from Kangirsuk local club won three first positions in the overall results. The friendship that developed between Kuujjuaq, Kangirsuk and Pangnirtung teams was very noticeable when we presented the prizes to the winners of this first competition along the 60th parallel. The most experience Kangirsuk team won the top positions. Still the recently initiated teams of Kuujjuaq and Pangnirtung proven they knew how to ride, each reaching at turn the top five Congratulations to all participants for this great event! 


 Overall race results

1 Sandy Haukai, Kangirsuk

2 Ahoya Nassak, Kangirsuk

3 Jimme Eetook Kangirsuk

4 Eepa Qaapik, Pangnirtung

5ex Alex Qilabuk, Pangnirtung

5ex Charlie Jonas, Kuujjuaq


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Triangle Race 02-05-2008 AM

After a dead wind rainy day on May 1st we finally have a first race Friday morning. Pretty wet conditions! We designed the course near by the tent. School teachers with their class and some locals came down to cheser up. Triangle race results:1 Ahoya Nassak Kangirsuk2 Sandy Haukai, Kangirsuk3ex Eepa Qaapik, Pangnirtung3ex Jaime Eetook, Kangirsuk4 Charlie Jonas, Kuujjuaq 


Long Distance Race 05-02-2008

On this third consecutive warm day, there is now more water over the ice on the Payne River speedway. Sails are heavy and the wind gusty, unforgiving conditions.

View Pictures: Race 1 and 2                     

View Pictures: Race 3 and 4

Long Distance results:
  1. Sandy Haukai, Kangirsuk
  2. Ahoya Nassak, Kangirsuk
  3. Jaime Eetook, Kangirsuk
  4. Philippe Perron, Kuujjuaq
  5. Sammy OrgingKangirsuk

Speed run 05-04-2008 AM

Mark Henry found the right spot a little up the lake to set the starting line where he distributes GPS to four riders at the time. Each had to reach maximum speed out of four laps trial. On the other end Alain was recording riders fastest time and coaching the competitors. The wind was good enough to ride with the medium sail 20 to 25 and the speed average between 46 to 53Km/h. A fun formula where riders were often challenging each other's. View pictures 

Speed run results:

1 Sandy Haukai, Kangirsuk2 Eepa Qaapik, Pangnirtung3 Alex Qilabuk, Pangnirtung4 Sammy Orging, Kangirsuk5 Ahoya Nassak, Kangirsuk

Free ride 05-04-2008 PM

In the afternoon all riders got to have fun free-riding on sunny Post lake. The temperature is warm and the wind is still around 20, A perfect set-up to capture the colourful sails bloom in the bleu sky of this beautiful Arctic spring day.   View pictures

Special Thanks

Special tanks to ParaskiFlex for providing the winners 3 first prizes, R-force 20, Flex 5-30 and Flex 10-60 as well as La Cordée for the Polars and the GoreTex jacket, to QIA, FirstAir and AirInuit for making this regional event possible and the community of Kangirsuk for their great welcome and support. 


05/01/2008 Kangirsuk, Nunavik

Opening the first Arctic Wind Riders championship with a 105km/h ride by Marc Henry. The race has not yet started, winds are blowing at 50km/h gusting to 70kmh and the ice is slightly covered with granular snow. The riders from the various communities are having a first trial on the Payne River in Kangirsuk after tuning up their equipment.

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Marc Henry, one of the race officials from Montreal, is also enjoying this unique spot.  

At 18h30 Marc reached the speed of 105 km/h, breaking up a 3 months old personal record of 102km/h, and setting up the pace for this first Paraski meet along the 60th parallel. View pictures